Disaster Recovery South Africa was launched in June 2007 with the primary aim of providing offsite Disaster Recovery services and Office Recovery facilities to the small and medium sized businesses. The majority of these businesses include but are not limited to Financial Services organizations that are currently under pressure from the Financial Services Board and Auditors to ensure that they comply with the Corporate Governance Legislation in this respect.

Not only has DRP and BCP become great Sales and Marketing tools for businesses it also gives clients, auditors and regulatory authorities peace of mind. It has become imperitive for companies to institute Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and that these plans are tested and maintained. However, the creation and maintenance of these plans are often neglected as it involves a series of complex tasks, time and effort and sometimes a lack of knowledge or resources to drive these tasks.

Recent events around the globe has raised the awareness for Directors and Shareholders of businesses to realise the impact of not having a DRP or BCP plan. Every business and organization can experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This can happen any day at any time. The potential causes are many and varied: flood, explosion, computer malfunction, accident, grievious act – the list is endless.

Our Service offering assist in preparing businesses for their DRP and BCP requirements at a reasonable cost. Our experienced management team backed up by our outsourced IT partner allows us to provide businesses with a broad spectrum of solutions and consulting options.

Our partnerships with major Hardware and Software vendors, Telecommunication and Internet Service providers allow us to assist and implement DRP and BCP strategies with added expertise and reasonable costs.

Why choose DRSA?

Since the inception of DRSA in 2007, we have secured a number of brandname corporates as clients. We support multiple companies with their disaster recovery strategies, offsite backup services and hosted solutions.

We have assisted many of these companies to transform their way of managing business risk and have successfully implemented and tested disaster recovery plans by implementing costs effective, but sound solutions.

Our management team has extensive experience and the insight gained from working in this field for many years ensures our clients can always count on best practice solutions.

The board of directors are actively involved in the daily operations of the business.