We help you build a system of assured data preservation backed by the certainty that it’s executed flawlessly. So you’ll know that your most recent data is safe and readily located. We’ll also advise you on the latest methods available for the best assurance and compliance for your budget.

Backup Strategies

If the process of managing tapes doesn’t fill you with confidence, there are other ways to ensure reliable backups.

Latest Technologies

Backup methodologies have evolved considerably. You could be benefiting from a more cost effective, self-managing solution.

The Power of the Cloud

Cloud backup is gaining popularity. Lower costs, greater flexibility, easier management. We’ll show you how to leverage its strengths.

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The event behind an IT disaster is irrelevant, whether it’s an earthquake, frequent power failures or a failed hard drive. The real tragedy is being unable to resume business transactions rapidly. Disaster Recovery South Africa offers protection against total shutdown and eases your return to normal operations.
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