Disaster Recovery South Africa is the ideal partner for your business continuity strategy. We’re an independent 3rd party with vast experience in both business continuity and disaster recovery. So we’re equipped for an open, candid discussion about your current efforts. We offer unbiased, hard-hitting analysis and thorough planning that can save your business in the long run. Our services are reasonably priced for small, medium and large enterprises.

Business Continuity

Business continuity covers every aspect of keeping your business alive in the face of a show-stopping event. With a comprehensive business continuity plan, you can survive. We can show you how.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the means to continue processing and preserving data in the case of systems failure or data loss. You need a great plan. We create the best one for your business.


Start your journey right. Our objective assessment of your current situation will reveal your risk profile, BC and DR needs.


We’ll show you the right way to create sustainable BC and DR plans. Includes testing procedures to ensure success under real conditions.


How well is your company adhering to your BC and DR plans? Are they still appropriate to your needs? Our thorough audits reveal any gaps.


Over time, your needs will evolve with your business model. And so will the  available technologies. We’ll keep you abreast of developments.

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The event behind an IT disaster is irrelevant, whether it’s an earthquake, frequent power failures or a failed hard drive. The real tragedy is being unable to resume business transactions rapidly. Disaster Recovery South Africa offers protection against total shutdown and eases your return to normal operations.
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