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May 26, 2015

The increasing growth in demand for DRSA’s Cloud Online Backup services has prompted the company to upgrade its SAN backup architecture.

This significant upgrade of 96 Terabytes Raid 5 and 14 Terabytes of solid state disk will replace current technology and upgrade our existing capacity of 50 Terabytes.

Although the upgrade was to DRSA’s secondary backup site in Isando, the primary site in Midrand possesses sufficient capacity to accommodate rapid growth in client backup and replicated storage requirements.

This provides DRSA with the capability to take on new Cloud Backup clients immediately without any capacity constraints.

DRSA’s flexible pay per use model provides clients with peace of mind, without fixed long term contract terms.

Security is world class and all the data is housed in multiple local data centres.

DRSA provides maximum uptime to businesses of any size
DRSA has unique Recovery facilities designed to support small, medium and large business in South Africa.

DRSA’s facilities are also ideally geared to support the demands of call centres, financial services clients, and other enterprise environments with complex requirements.

DRSA features world class facilities, including syndicated, and dedicated work area seats, IT Hosting, co-location and Network infrastructure.

High availability and online backup solutions designed to reduce recovery times and ensure resilience.

Recovery Facility
DRSA’s Disaster Recovery Centre provides a comprehensive disaster recovery environment, to ensure minimal disruption of critical services, at a time when they are needed most.

The facility is strategically situated in Midrand in a secure office park, with easy access to major arterial routes and public transport systems.

This secure facility is protected with intelligent access control systems, CCTV monitoring and 24 hour security patrols.

All critical electrical infrastructure is protected with multiple standby diesel generators, in addition to Uninterruptable power supply units.

DRSA also offers flexible work area recovery seat solutions to meet the client’s requirement, and clients may opt for a mix of dedicated or syndicated seats.

“Seats” by definition incorporate the desktop workspace, swivel chair, high-end workstation, LCD monitor, digital telephone, network access point and printing capabilities.

Data Centre
DRSA has a highly resilient data centre with A&B power feeds, multiple UPS and generators, robust access control and redundant cooling systems.

Specifically designed for hosting and co-location services. Intelligent building management systems, such as VESDA apparatus, protect the data centre against environmental failures.

Resilient Connectivity
Multiple service providers terminate within our data centre, providing true vendor independence and various connectivity options.

Redundant routes ensure availability in the event of a point failure.

The network is constantly monitored by trained engineers to ensure immediately response to potential outages.

Mobile Technology Centres
Purpose build mobile technologies centres designed for rapid deployment country wide.

These units provide connectivity, workstations and processing capacities country wide and can be utilised as disaster recovery facilities, crisis management command centres or remote processing centres.

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