Beachhead Simply Secure

Lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional service providers carry enormous volumes of sensitive data on their mobile devices. These devices are often partner or employee-owned as well. Typically, these users aren’t very happy when the ease of use of their tools is impacted by corporate directives focused on security. Fortunately, Beachhead understands the needs of professional service providers and offers a service that doesn’t impact users, but still provides the protection, control and reporting that the organization and its customers require. Plus, there’s no need to buy software or specialty hardware as SimplySecure is offered as a SaaS service. SimplySecure can handle the encryption and security needs of desktops and laptops that never leave the corporate office, as well as phones, tablets and laptops that rarely ever get to the office. And, SimplySecure PC can be configured to easily handle multiple users on a single laptop, or multiple accounts for a single user on a PC, so contract work is made easy.


Securely manage all BYOD and company-owned devices

You’ve got to secure and manage a wide range of company and employee owned laptops, phones and tablets. Good news; it’s an easy problem to solve! Our SimplySecure service lets you centrally manage all of them – even Windows PCs and Macs – from a single web-interface. Requiring no added hardware or software, it’s user-transparent, and easy to deploy and manage.

Secure Phones

Smartphones are easily secured using SimplySecure Phones & Tablets

Phones are smart – so are thieves. You need to control potential data loss from employee owned and operated phones. They often contain a boatload of email attachments and other sensitive company information, and can be used to access your corporate server to grab still more data. Encryption and password enforcement, as well as data elimination, are necessities.

Manage Tablets

SimplySecure Phones & Tablets is all you need

iPads and Android tablets – Nearly as portable as phones, but can carry and display data like PCs. Wow, a perfect storm of security risk…SimplySecure to the rescue! Encryption, application management, device tracking, password enforcement, data elimination and more, accessed via a single policy management console that also controls your phones, PCs and Macs.

Encrypt Laptops

The business workhorses – protect them with SimplySecure PCs & Macs

With enormous hard drive capacity and direct network access, sensitive data exposure and loss is a big deal on this primary business tool. Disclosure laws requiring encryption are enforced. Be compliant! SimplySecure PCs & Macs encrypts and can remove user access to data in a flash, while maintaining employee productivity through hidden, totally burden-free operation.

Control USB Devices

USB drives = very small, very cheap, very secure

Talk about BYOD, how about R50 flash drives? Sounds like a security problem! Often unintentional, but these are so portable that they can go – and be lost – anywhere. Fortunately, SimplySecure USB is here! Don’t issue expensive, preset secure flash drives – SimplySecure works on all USB drives. Now, personal photos can safely coexist beside encrypted company financials.