What is an IT Disaster?

The financial impact of any event that prevents information from flowing through your business. Transactions cease and earnings drop while costs accumulate. And the longer it takes to recover, the greater the risk.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Keep transactions flowing and sustain income to cover ongoing operational costs.

Customer Retention

Continue servicing customer requests and needs to encourage sustained loyalty.

Productive Employees

Get staff back to work as soon as possible to cover payroll and administrative costs.

Business Continuity

Protect shareholder profits and alleviate concerns about inadequate risk management.

Enduring Reputation

Keep engaged with a demanding market and supply chain, and retain their trust.

Less Frustration

Make the period between disaster and getting back to normal easier to manage.

Our Solutions

Office Space

Up to 150 digitally-equipped workspaces available for business activities, data processing or call-centre operations.

Managed Backups

Use our Cloud storage services as a cost-effective alternative to tedious disk and tape backups. Fully managed by DRSA technicians.

Mobile Technology Centres

Satellite-enabled mobile office and computer room delivered to your location of choice. Ideal for remote operations.

Business Continuity Consulting

What is your risk? How can you affordably implement disaster recovery? Our experienced business continuity consultants have the answers.

Secure Data Centres

Advanced infrastructure, security, systems and expertise, all under one roof, at a lower TCO than running your own system.

Data Recovery Services

Award-winning technology offers the greatest chance of recovering and reconstructing data, even from damaged sectors on hard drives.

Enquire Today

The event behind an IT disaster is irrelevant, whether it’s an earthquake, frequent power failures or a failed hard drive. The real tragedy is being unable to resume business transactions rapidly. Disaster Recovery South Africa offers protection against total shutdown and eases your return to normal operations.

About Disaster Recovery South Africa

June 2007

The year we were established. We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Global ASP Ltd.

What We Offer

Offsite disaster recovery services.
Office recovery facilities.

Who We Serve

Small to medium businesses across South Africa at risk of losing data or processing capabilities.


Disaster has no boundaries. We’re here to help any business survive. We’re especially experienced in protecting financial services organisations.

Our Passion

Organisations can continue operating after a disaster. Our vision is to deliver the best solutions in case they need to.

Passionate about DR?

Contact us and find out. You’ll be surprised at how much we have to offer.