Lease dedicated computing hardware and resources from us. Ideal for organisations without the resources, expertise or facilities to self-host. Focus on your business, knowing that your IT system is in safe hands.

Our professional technicians will monitor and manage your system for you, and provide technical support.

● System management, monitoring and maintenance tasks are carried out round the clock
● Skilled technicians resolve failures or performance issues with minimal service disruption
● You have complete control and secure administrative access to your systems
● Deploy business systems as required
● Guaranteed high standards of reliability and maximum service availability
● High fault tolerance and uninterrupted power supply
● Stringent Service Level Agreements at both device and solution level
● Free up your IT staff for business development
● Enjoy reduced costs from our technological efficiencies
● Fixed, monthly payments smooth your cashflow
● No upfront capital expenditure on new equipment or system software

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The event behind an IT disaster is irrelevant, whether it’s an earthquake, frequent power failures or a failed hard drive. The real tragedy is being unable to resume business transactions rapidly. Disaster Recovery South Africa offers protection against total shutdown and eases your return to normal operations.
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