Delivered to your location of choice, our mobile recovery centres provide a combination of computer room and fully-equipped workstations, connected to our data centre by satellite. Ideal for remotely located business operations. Doubles as a computing environment for general use.

Disaster Recovery

Mobile Technology Centres primarily provide disaster recovery facilities to organisations in remote areas. They offer quick response when disaster strikes. Management teams can coordinate recovery plans from a highly functional control centre and workers can continue to capture transactions.


Our Mobile Technology Centres also unlock a wide range of deployment opportunities to our customers. They can serve as media centres, registration centres, training and education facilities, and more. Well-suited for locations where data processing and connectivity are required but not available.

Satellite Connectivity

Connect directly back to our data centre and support services.


Ergonomic and well-equipped, you’ll work productively in comfort.


Without staff email, paper documents enabled vital communication.


Preserve and transmit physical documents.


Prepare food and refreshments to keep energised throughout the day.


Provide extra power for charging devices, laptops, and more.

Server Racks

A place for local data processing and storage.

Disabled Persons Access

Easily deployed system for wheelchair access.

Air Conditioning

The vehicle’s climate control offers a comfortable working environment.

Wireless Routers

Roaming Internet access up to 50m around the vehicle.

Wireless Cameras

Installed for quality control. Video upload through an online URL link.

Flexible Terms

Rental solutions tailored to your business deployment requirements.