Our Virtual Server solutions provides a cost-effective, flexible and rapidly scalable solution for mid-sized web and application server requirements.

Instead of investing heavily upfront in new devices and software to meet possible future demand, CipherWave’s Virtual Server model allows you to ‘rent’ the server capacity you actually need now – meaning that you only pay for what you use.

Built on an ‘in the cloud’ infrastructure of processors, memory and storage, the Virtual solution enables IT managers to deploy managed services without significant capital expenditure.

CPU and RAM resources are dedicated to each Virtual Server, so that resources are not contended. Capacity can then be increased gradually in increments as and when needed, in response to business growth.

Built on industry-leading virtualisation technologies, the fully backed up Virtual Server environment offers exceptional fault tolerance and a high solution-level availability guarantee of up to 99.9%.

Less hardware means a reduction in power and cooling costs, which is passed on in the form of cost-effective contracts.

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The event behind an IT disaster is irrelevant, whether it’s an earthquake, frequent power failures or a failed hard drive. The real tragedy is being unable to resume business transactions rapidly. Disaster Recovery South Africa offers protection against total shutdown and eases your return to normal operations.
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